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September 25th, 2009 at 09:21 am

DH and I have stumbled upon a new hobby that we enjoy. It's even better because we can do it together and it's not very expensive.

I was wracking my brain for a birthday gift for him last spring and a friend suggested a GPS unit so we could go geocaching. I had never heard of geocaching until about a year ago. I thought it sounded interesting so I did a little bit of research. Now, I am a big fan of the TV show Amazing Race, but we could never do that together because we would either kill each other or get divorced. Too much pressure! But, geocaching I thought we could handle.

So I found someone that wanted to upgrade to a better GPS unit and bought their used one from them for us to give this a try. We are now hooked! All it costs us is our gasoline and money for a meal if we decide to eat out.

For those that don't know what geocaching is, it's a sort of treasure hunt. We go to
Text is and Link is and download coordinates for the caches we want to find into our GPS unit and off we go. We drive to the area where the cache is hidden and then follow the GPS to within a few feet and then the hunt begins.

A cache can be very small (think medicine container) or rather large. Quite often they are in ammunition boxes. When you find the cache, there is a log to sign and goodies that you can trade. We carry a bag with odds and ends in it to leave in the caches. Quite often, I get a Happy Meal at McDonald's so that I can leave the toy that comes in it.

We have found 75 geocaches so far. Right now we are working on a series of caches for which we will earn medallions when we are done.

A few of the kids have gone geocaching with us when they were able and have enjoyed it also. It's a great recreational activity for the whole family. It gets you out to places that you might not otherwise ever see and you get exercise while doing it.

9 Responses to “New Hobby”

  1. all4money Says:

    Wow, that sounds like fun. I'll have to look into it and see if there are any "treasures" around where I live.

  2. mrs. Says:

    Wow, looks like lots of fun!

  3. rduell Says:

    I'm sure there are and you probably drive by them all the time. Last I knew, there are over 800,000 all over the world! It's a lot of fun to see what others leave and to trade things for them.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I thinking of getting DH a GPS for his birthday for travel, but it nice to be reminded of other uses for it.

  5. north georgia gal Says:

    I thought about trying geocaching but never seem to find the time.

  6. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    ANd here's geocaching for kids

    Text is and Link is
    JOY, you don't need a GPS for it! FUN FUN FUN get out there!

  7. rduell Says:

    Interesting! I've never heard of letterboxing. I'm going to have to look into this more! Thanks!

  8. lizajane Says:

    What a neat family activity!

  9. SavingBucks Says:

    We did geocaching while on vacation in the June and Mammoth Lakes, CA area. My DD had a blast! She brought her junk jewelry to leave as "treasure" for others. We hiked on trails and off trails into the brush. Definitely a fun family activity. I haven't had a chance to do it at home in the 'burbs but will soon.

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