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E-mealz Review

March 2nd, 2008 at 11:44 pm

I had mentioned
Text is e-mealz and Link is "
e-mealz in a previous post. It is a site that, for $5 a month, provides you with menus and a grocery list for your dinners for a week. You pay for 3 months at a time and a new meal plan is posted once a week. My plan is available on Friday so when I log in I print out 2 copies of the menu and grocery list. One I place in a sheet protector in a 3-ring binder for future use and the other is the one I write on and mark up.

They have several plans to choose from. I chose the Point system meals for any grocery store, since I am counting Weight Watchers points to lose weight.

This will be our 3rd week using the plan and it appears that our average expense is $120 per week. That's about what we were spending before for a family of 5 and not having nearly as nice of meals as we are now.

Everyone in the family is really enjoying the meals. There is a lot of variety and the side dishes are wonderful. Our side dishes before amounted to opening a can of corn or beans. Now we have mandarin orange salad, honey-kissed slaw, oven roasted veggies, etc. Much tastier and healthier.

I think the thing that makes it most worth it to me is that I no longer have the dilemma of "what is for dinner?" and then wondering if I have all of the ingredients. It is a huge load off of my mind. That alone makes it worth it for me.

I like having a list of exactly what I need for each meal when I enter the grocery store. I am not a shopper so, for me, the grocery store is a mission. Get what we need and get out in as short a time as possible.

My grocery bill could be considerably less if we didn't drink as much milk as we do!!!

20 Responses to “E-mealz Review”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    I've been interested in Emealz. I didn't realize they had a Points based menu! I might have to try it out myself.

  2. rduell Says:

    If you do decide to try, email me and I'll send you a coupon word you can use to get $2.50 off.

  3. mom-sense Says:

    I'm thinking I'd like to give this a try, too; however, could you please give a sampling of the meal titles. I'm feeing a family of seven: oldeest child is ten and there are some picky eaters here. Just an idea of the meals might help me figure out if it is worth a try.

  4. RegkinsOrDie Says:

    rduell, could you possibly send me that code? I really want to try e-mealz. Thanks!

  5. Aleta Says:

    I have always found that when I have meals planned for the week, that it takes off the pressure about what to cook. Sounds like it is a good website. Good luck!

  6. rduell Says:

    Mom-sense...if you go to their website you can view a partial menu and grocery list. I think they show about 5 days worth, so you'd get an idea of what they offer. So far, they've had seafood (tilapia, haddock, tuna, etc.) once a week. Lots of vegetables or fruit side dishes. We've only found a couple of main dishes that we didn't care for much. They weren't horrible, we just didn't like them as much as others.

  7. Angela Says:

    I would like an email with the coupon code for e-mealz. I just heard about it on Dave Ramsey and would like to give it a try. Thanks!

  8. jodee Says:

    I would love the code if someone has it. Could you please email it to me at

    Thanks so much. This sounds great!

  9. Andrea Says:

    I would also like to have that coupon code if it is still valid. Thanks!

  10. Ursula Says:

    Can you please send me the code. I would like to try it out. I am a mother of four and this sounds like it could help me better plan meals.

  11. Tracy Says:

    I would like the coupon code. I am looking into trying this!

  12. David Says:

    Talk about a freaking scam lol. 5 bucks a month to print a freaking grocery list . Give me a break. Money for nothing and that religious freakoid , Dave Ramsey keeps getting richer.

  13. pam Says:

    I disagree with the post from August 16 by David saying this is a scam. I purchased this about a month or so ago, and I absolutely love it. Dave makes no money from this. It is apparent that "David" is not doing the cooking or planning in his house.

  14. Nhi Says:

    If you enter code DAVE, you'll have $2.5 off, so you'll only pay $12.5 for 3 months. Smile

  15. Bonnie Says:

    This sounds great! Looking forward to trying it. A comment to "David"... Creating a grocery list of this size with all the creativity, variety, dietary specific and store option, takes a lot of work. You are not appreciating this and that is sad. Lots of people struggle with planning healthy and creative meals. I commend these women who saw there was a need and took their time to see this through.

  16. Susan Says:

    Could you send me the coupon code?

  17. Elizabeth Says:

    I highly recommend e-mealz! I've been using it for five weeks now and am telling all my friends, family, and co-workers about it! A HUGE timesaver and money saver as well!
    And- note to "David": Dave Ramsey makes no money from this whatsoever, he recommends this site because he is a huge live-within your means advocate and this website is helping so many people pay down debt and save for the future by cutting grocery costs.

  18. Tim Says:

    It is interesting that people like "David" up above get so ticked off about these things. You know, years ago, people would have thought it to be a "scam" to charge someone $25.00 to cook them a steak that they could make on their own for $5.00...but people do it, because it is convenient. This is not just a simple "grocery list" is compiled meals with complete grocery lists that save you time and money...and I bet "David" spends more than $5.00 a month on stupid stuff that doesn't save or make him a dime.

    My only wish is that it gave you some choice on what you would like for that week...but the whole point of the system is to handle all the meal planning for you so all you have to do is buy and prepare...

    And by the way, "David"...there are programs on the internet and smartphone app stores that just do a grocery list with no meal plans that go for more than $15.00 every 3 months...And if you are so worried about Dave Ramsey and things he endorses, why did you bother to read a review? I suppose it is a ripoff that he gives his entire plan away for free on his radio show almost daily (if you don't know his plan, you haven't looked hard enough)...unlike scam artists like John Commuta who's plans don't work and cost upwards of $600.00.

    It's not a crime to be succesful!

  19. *Marie* Says:

    Apparently "David" hasn't done meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, or time management, otherwise he wouldn't make such an uninformed comment. And he very obviously is not one of the millions of very educated Dave Ramsey listeners. It's people like you that should be listening to DR to educate yourself.

    And thank you for this review. I'm interested in the program, and appreciate your feedback on.

  20. cimi Says:

    I use "make dinner easy"...its free ^.^

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