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Spent $1 Yesterday

October 21st, 2006 at 04:20 am

Yesterday I spent $1. That was for a candy bar from my daughter's box of candy bars that is a fundraiser for band. That is going to be a temptation since it will be sitting around the house until they're all sold.

My co-worker bought my 2 Dr. Peppers to have at work. I tried to reimburse her but she wouldn't let me.

Oh yeah, I also paid the gas bill yesterday. That was $51.05. Next month it will be much higher because last week our circuit board on our pellet stove blew just as the temps were falling, so we had to use our ventless gas heater for 5 days while we waited for our $229.59 circuit board to arrive. I just hated the thought of using that gas when all the bags of wood pellets are sitting around. We stocked up on pellets this summer while the price was cheaper. I think totally we bought 4 tons, which should last most of the winter. We also wanted to be ahead of the game because last year they started rationing wood pellets in our area. So many people had switched to pellet stoves to try to save on gas bills that the supply just wasn't enough.

I'm supposed to take my Accounting 2 exam today, but it never arrived in the mail yesterday. So my proctor gave me the key to get the library's mail this morning and if it's in the mail I'm supposed to call her and she'll come to the library so that I can take it. Just a note: I used to be the librarian at this library and I still do their bookkeeping. They don't just hand out the key to get the mail to anyone. LOL!

Should be getting my check for the bookkeeping job ($50) next week. The challenge for me will be to stretch it out for the month. I use this to buy my lunch and drinks when I do my book deliveries. I try to take snack foods with me since there's not always places to stop, but it is nice to have a warm meal once in a while and not just pb&j.

2 Responses to “Spent $1 Yesterday”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    Hey, I used to be a librarian, too! I work in fund-raising now. Accounting is an excellent field to get into as well.

  2. rduell Says:

    Hi Carolina Bound!

    I am still a librarian. I moved as Library Director at the library in my hometown to the assistant county libarian for our library system. My job now includes doing the bookkeeping for the System office as well as "librarian" duties. I've found that I really enjoy the bookkeeping end the most, so the system is paying for my courses. Hopefully in the next few years my job will become 2 jobs and I'll do the bookkeeping portion while someone else takes over the librarian aspects.

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