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Reapplied for Term Life Insurance

January 31st, 2008 at 04:53 pm

I decided to reapply for term life insurance again. You may remember that I was rejected last year because of my blood pressure and the cyst they found in my brain. Since my health has totally turned around since then I figured I'd give it another try.

The neurologist says the cyst is no problem at all, that lots of people have them and don't even know it. The blood pressure is now running 110/70 with the new medicine and I've lost 32 pounds so far with Weight Watchers.

I am back to a size 10, which is still overweight for my height and frame, but I'm still working on it. I have another 24 pounds left to get to my goal weight. The Flex plan is really working well for me. I've been walking with Leslie Sansone and doing yoga 2-3 times a week. I decided this time that the only exercise I was going to do was what I could continue doing the rest of my life. No more half killing myself to burn calories. I'm too old for that now. LOL!

So hopefully in a couple of months I'll know if they approved me and if so, I can cancel the whole life insurance and cash it in. We plan to use it to buy another coal stove for the main part of the house or to replace the roof.

2 Responses to “Reapplied for Term Life Insurance”

  1. mom-sense Says:

    I've got a cyst in my pinneal gland - didn't even know it was there until I had a CAT scan after migraines! Good job on the weight loss!

  2. rduell Says:

    Thanks! I guess I should have added for those that weren't around last year that when I got sick I gained 45 pounds in less than 4 months. It all turned out to be a severe reaction to my blood pressure medicine I was on at the time. So that's the weight I'm taking off.

    My cyst is at the base of my cerebellum. The only reason they found it was that when I started getting sick I asked them to do an MRI because I have an aunt who gained a lot of weight suddenly and it turned out that she had a pituitary gland tumor. I wanted that ruled out.

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