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My 17-Year-Old Son was Mugged Tonight

January 28th, 2008 at 07:45 pm

We were at DS#3's basketball game tonight and DH was the EMT at the game and I was selling 50/50 raffle tickets for the Sports Boosters. Shortly after the 2nd quarter of the varsity game began my mother came in crying. Our 17-year-old had called her since he couldn't get us and told her that he was walking down the street going from his job at Subway to his job at McDonald's when 2 guys came out from the shadows of a building and started hitting him. They had something in their hands (he's not sure what) that they hit him in the head with. They went to hit him again and he lifted his hand to protect himself so they got him in the wrist instead.

They took his money, all of $2, and ran off across the street. He said he was kind of dazed so he leaned against a pile of gravel for a bit and then continued on to McDonald's. He called the State Police from there and they sent the town cop over. He told him what had happened and the town cop said that based on where it happened he's pretty sure he knows who the 2 guys were (this is a small town) and they are awaiting sentencing on drug, weapon, and rape charges!!!! So he said DS#2 may have to come down and identify them when he rounds them up.

Yikes!!! It could have been SO much worse! We took him to the ER even though he looked and acted fine. He has a red spot above his right eye that is probably going to bruise and his wrist is just sore. DH is supposed to wake him up at 3 when he gets up for work to make sure he's okay and can answer questions. Then as long as he's up and acting okay at 7:30 he can go to school tomorrow.

I don't think it's all sunk into me yet. I noticed on the way over the hill to McDonald's that I was trembling pretty badly, but my emotions haven't caught up yet.

This is the very same child that has had multiple concussions, hemiplegic migraines, and seizures. He is also the one whose car was wrecked by the school bus backing over it. He is the one that anything and everything will happen to!!! I just don't understand it.

19 Responses to “My 17-Year-Old Son was Mugged Tonight”

  1. denisentexas Says:

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your son! I hope he'll be fine and that you will, too.

  2. LadyT Says:

    How terrifying!! I am so glad he doesn't seem to be seriously hurt!

  3. miclason Says:

    ((hugs)) that must have been very scary for him...
    I'm not sure how you're feeling, but I bet it's a mix of fear, rage and dispair... ((hugs))
    I hope they catch those 2!

  4. baselle Says:

    Scary! I hope those 2 stay caught.

  5. Cassandra Says:

    How scary! I hope they catch the two guys that hurt your son and that he makes a full recovery.

  6. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    How horrible! Seventeen and already has had so many things happen to him. I hope he is comforted and strengthened though your love and care.

  7. lost in debt Says:

    How awful, I have a 17 year old son too and I just can't imagine ... I hope things get better for him soon, I feel so bad for him and you as a mother, we want so much to protect our children.

  8. campfrugal Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Hopefully, they will catch those two bullies.

  9. Broken Arrow Says:

    Wow. Stuff like that boils my blood. I'm sorry that happened to your son. Fortunately, the cop has an idea who the perpetrators are, so that means it won't be too hard to catch them.

    In the meantime, please be careful out there. People like that don't have much more to lose, and will probably continue to commit crimes until they are caught.

  10. Ima saver Says:

    I am so sorry! Give him a hug from me!

  11. scfr Says:

    That is just horrible ... I'm so sorry! I hope your son will not suffer any long-term consequences.

  12. rduell Says:

    Thanks everyone. When he got up today he had a big goose egg above his right eye and it's starting to bruise. Otherwise he is fine. I think he's more embarrased than anything.

  13. A reader - Lisa Says:

    Oh my, I'm so glad he's ok.

  14. Aleta Says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. It could have been worse though. Take care of him and please take care of yourself.

  15. Broken Arrow Says:

    Why is he embarrassed? That he forgot to turn on his infra-red vision to see the two guys hiding in the dark, and didn't triple somersault out of the way before they jumped out with their weapons?

    It could've happened to anybody.

    I tell you, a friend of mine got jumped at a gas station once. He called me up, and the first thing we did was cruise around town looking for these guys. Yeah, I know. Not the smartest thing to do, but we were young then. And I think just riding around town and talking about it privately made him feel better.

  16. rduell Says:

    You know BA, I think he'd actually feel better if they'd gotten more money from him! He seems embarrassed to say that he only had $2 on him. He has mentioned taking Kung Fu lessons from my dad. He has his black belt.

    When he got home from school today it had turned bright blue. It looks like a gigantic blueberry on his forehead. I imagine tomorrow it will be darker.

  17. Amanda Says:

    Wow ... I hope your son is feeling better soon, abd I hope they catch the guys that did that to him.

    I say go for the classes ... I have a coworker who is thinking about starting a women's self defense class. I think everyone, men and women, should take self defense classes.

  18. PauletteGoddard Says:

    Ick. How scary for everyone! I'm sorry your family had to go through this.

  19. HelpMeFriend Says:

    What a world we live in now. When I was growing up, you could leave your doors unlocked, you could trust your neighbors, and bad guys stayed downtown.

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