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Weight Loss Update

November 29th, 2007 at 05:05 pm

As of last Monday I have now lost 25 pounds. That was really exciting for me, especially since it was the Monday after Thanksgiving and I'd lost 2.2 pounds that week! Yeah me! LOL

8 Responses to “Weight Loss Update”

  1. db1974 Says:


  2. koppur Says:

    Congrats!! Big Grin I just hit 13 today! Smile

  3. Ima saver Says:

    Good for you!!

  4. Amber Says:

    I am happy for you Smile

  5. Aleta Says:

    That is absolutely great. Is this from the first of the year? I know that you're loving it.

  6. JW Thornhill Says:

    This is my first time visiting your blog and I love it!

    We are in our forties with six children and seven grandchildren with over $24k in debt and I was just told by my doctor that I needed to loose at least 40lbs or else!

    Good Luck.

  7. rduell Says:

    Aleta...actually it's from July 16th. That is the date I started Weight Watchers.

    JW...thanks!!! It's good to have you here. I'm a little sporadic in posting, mainly because of my school work, but I'm glad that you found me. :-)

  8. Aleta Says:

    Rduell: That is awesome. You are REALLY doing great. Proud of you.

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