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How I Saved Money By Christmas Shopping on Amazon.com

November 10th, 2007 at 04:56 am

Last night I made a dent in my Christmas shopping, all from the comfort of my own living room. Just a few clicks of the mouse and the gifts are on their way. DS#1 is getting some art supplies and Star Wars books, DS#2 is getting a paramedic bag (fully loaded with supplies), DS#3 is getting a computer tool repair kit and flash drive, and DD#2 is getting a digital camera. I will actually have to go out and get what DH wants and DD#1 has given me no ideas as of yet.

I love shopping this way. I have never been much of a shopper so to be able to do it without leaving the house and fighting the crowds is wonderful for me. I have them delivered to my office and then I don't have to worry about anyone 'accidentally' finding them either. I wrap them at work and then bring them home just before Christmas and place them under the tree. Simple!!!

I actually ended up saving money on DD#2's digital camera. I had done my 'shopping' little by little as the ideas came in and placed them in a cart on Amazon.com. The items stay in the cart for 90 days and the prices get updated if anything changes. I logged in yesterday and the price on the camera had dropped $10, so by not placing my order right away I was able to save money. Of course, the opposite also applies, so you're taking a gamble and also the risk of the item selling out if you don't order it right away. I did not know this about Amazon.com until this year.

I am going to have to actually go Christmas shopping this week with my mother to help give her ideas for the kids, but at least the pressure is off of me, since mine is practically done.

4 Responses to “How I Saved Money By Christmas Shopping on Amazon.com”

  1. Maria Says:

    I am sooo with you on this! I did the same last year and had all the gifts done by Thanksgiving...this was a first for me as I am usually the one that is still shopping the day before Christmas....and Amazon is a great place since it literally has EVERYTHING you could possibly want. Didn't know about the "cart" but I plan on doing my shopping there again this year. I also wanted to add that by shopping online, I save on gas, time and everything else and with the way gas prices are going, I need to save every penny I can.

  2. db1974 Says:

    What about prices as compared to Wal-mart for example?

  3. clubneary Says:

    Last year I bought a lot of stuff from Amazon as well. Our grocery store has one of those Coinstar machines in it where you can dump all your loose change into it...it will charge a fee if you want dollar bills back but I found that it doesn't charge a fee if you select a gift card. I dumped all our change from the year in it-like $60 and got a $60 Amazon gift card which I used to Christmas shop! I thought that was a great idea and made shopping so much easier and was a good use of all my spare change since I hate rolling it and taking it to the bank. My jar isn't nearly as full as it was last year but I am going to try again this year. Hopefully the Coinstar people haven't added a fee for the gift cards yet!

  4. PauletteGoddard Says:

    This weekend I bought Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.ca presents for my friends who live elsewhere. I don't expect the U.S. dollar to rally within the next five weeks.

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