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Changes to 401k

November 5th, 2007 at 08:33 am

DH's 401k is finally offering some different investment options. He's been contributing the maximum that the company will match half on for at least 13 years now and it just hasn't seemed to grow much.

He brought home literature last week that introduces 3 new plans. As soon as I saw a targeted fund I told him that's what we wanted. My IRA is in a Vanguard targeted fund and I love it. His will be with American Funds.

I am anxious to see if it does better than what he has now has been doing.

4 Responses to “Changes to 401k”

  1. Aleta Says:

    Glad to have you back Rduell. I was wondering what happened. I haven't been here too much. We have been helping our son, wife, and baby to get ready for a move close to Washington, DC. I can't tell you how sad I've been. She is my only granddaughter and this son was my last to move away, but such is life. People have to grow and sometimes we also have to grow.

    Anyway, so good to have you back. Really enjoy your blog.

  2. rduell Says:

    Well, thanks Aleta! It's good to be back!

    I've been really busy with my accounting class and the kids. Just not enough hours in the day!

    I'll bet it is hard to have your last move away. It's hard for me as each of the kids has gone away to college. We have 3 at home now, but one leaves at the end of June for paramedic school. He's the one that keeps us on our toes, so I'm sure it will be quiet without him.

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    A target fund is not bad per se, but I think it's also important to see how well any fund is managed. I would look into its history if any and see what kind of people are behind it. It should all be available in the prospectus. Oh, and seeing as how it's an actively-managed fund, I would be careful about its loads and expenses.

  4. luxliving Says:

    Hubster's 401-K is with American as well. They have upgraded their website some which is a good thing! Glad to see your name on the blogroll as I was missing you.

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