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Operating in the Dark

May 18th, 2007 at 03:58 am

I feel like I'm operating in the dark here without my Quicken program being fully functional. I had it all set up with reminders to pay all of my bills throughout the year. Now with having lost all of that, I'm afraid I'm going to miss something.

I am slowly adding the information back in as I go, but it's been slow and tedious. Just setting up the reminders for my transfers to ING each week was dicey since I'd also lost my budgeting spreadsheets. More reason to order a flash drive and start backing up onto that!

4 Responses to “Operating in the Dark”

  1. shiela Says:

    Wow! Just had a looked at you goals for 2007 and you pretty must achieved it all in 1/2 the time. Great job! I'm so happy for you Smile

  2. rduell Says:

    Thanks Shiela! This website is what keeps me motivated, so you all deserve the thanks!

  3. homebody Says:

    I backed up my quicken after your last post, did a bunch of financial stuff yesterday and backed up again!

  4. rduell Says:

    I ordered a USB flash drive myself today! I've learned my lesson!

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