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Our Christmas Traditions

December 5th, 2006 at 03:32 am

I decided to add my list of family Christmas traditions since it's been fun to read the others.

1. Christmas Breakfast: This is the most important tradition that we have because it started our very first Christmas together back in 1985. We were very poor and I wanted to do something special for breakfast but had very little in the cupboards. I found that I did have the ingredients for homemade cinnamon rolls and Swedish Tea Ring. So that has been our traditional Christmas breakfast ever since. It just wouldn't be Christmas without it.

2. Christmas Eve morning at my parents': We always go to my parents' house on Christmas Eve morning and have presents with them and one of my brothers family. Then we have lunch together and just hang out most of the day.

3. Stockings: These seem to be the most important presents for some silly reason. They are usually filled with things from the dollar store, yet the kids seem to enjoy them more than the real gifts. The kids get their stocking Christmas Eve night.

4. Make Mom cry: Ever since the Christmas that my husband bought me my heart-shaped garnet ring and I cried when I opened it, it's been his mission to make me cry each year. LOL! One year he bought me a topaz necklace and had it around the neck of a stuffed dog that looked just like the dog we had at the time. Sentimental things that pull at the heartstrings.

5. Yumasetta: I know....yuma what??? It's a Pennsylvania Dutch dish that I learned to make several years ago and "tweaked" a bit so that it is my family's favorite meal. Just last year we decided that instead of the huge Christmas meal we were going to have this instead since it's fast, easy, and after eating all the sweet rolls and tea ring we're not that hungry for a huge meal.

6. The countdown: We have a little wooden snowman that does the countdown for Christmas. The youngest likes to be in charge of changing the number of days left til Christmas.

7. The snowman collection: I have tons of snowmen that I use to decorate the kitchen each year. I put them out when we decorate for Christmas and leave them up until the end of winter.

1 Responses to “Our Christmas Traditions”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    What a wonderful list of traditions. I, too am enjoying reading them all. Now I need to google Yam...Yumi...Yumasetta to see what that is!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

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